OS User Interface Design freebie PSD

OS User Interface Design PSD

OS UI Design based on functions from the Synology DMS 4.2 with a new point of view. It’s was a studycase for myself to create an OS user interface. Tried to keep everything as consistent as possible and did some soft ‘re-branding’ for the applications (stations). Get the PSD for free and see how it’s made. Please follow me on Twitter or signup to receive updates and newsletters. Please do not sell, redistribute or use it as. You have to modify it to your own style.

OS User Interface Widgets


Most of the basic system widgets were redesigned with a new look-and-feel.


Most of the app stations were redesigned with a new color scheme.
UI Design elements

Vector elements and icons

Most of the UI elements and icons were redesigned (most icons are from IconSweet).

Adjustable vector UI elements

Detailed vector elements

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